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July 2020

Insolvency of BBS GmbH

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of BBS,

Media reports might have already spread the word that BBS GmbH was forced to file for insolvency at the district court in Rottweil at the beginning of this week. This was a necessary step to prevent an imminent insolvency within the coming months due to the sudden omission of confirmed payments. This financial hardship hits us hard during the year of our 50th anniversary.

Being traceable to the currently tough market environment in the automotive branch, BBS’ situation deteriorated further due to the Corona-Lockdown which led to a temporary shutdown of the production at both BBS plants.

However, the key message we want to deliver to you is that the BBS production keeps on running – the supply of all our OE and AM customers with BBS wheels is secured!

Prior to the insolvency BBS already initiated an extensive turnaround strategy for the whole company. This new strategy based on BBS AM wheels as focal point will be continued under the guidance of the insolvency administrator.

With Thomas Oberle and Marc-Philippe Hornung appointed as insolvency administrators, BBS received two experts in insolvency and rehabilitation providing longstanding experience in the automotive branch. Thomas Oberle has already been appointed as insolvency administrator for BBS GmbH´s predecessor company BBS International GmbH in 2011.

Times of change lie ahead but together we will release the energy and strength which will be needed to preserve the legendary BBS brand and secure its future.