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October 2018

100% original - BBS introduces security hologram

Germany’s premium alloy wheel manufacturer BBS has opened a new chapter in its global fight against copy wheel manufacturers. Since the beginning of October all BBS alloy wheels produced in Germany come with an elaborate authenticity hologram. A unique 3D image showing a racetrack and chequered flag as well as the inscriptions ‘BBS’ and ‘Made in Germany’ make up a highly complex matrix with built-in security safeguards right down to a microscopic level.A four-tier security system extending to the nanometer range makes forgery of the BBS authenticity hologram almost impossible. The customer also receives a certificate of authenticity when purchasing wheels from the Forged Line, Performance Line, or Design Line produced in Germany.When you buy a BBS alloy wheel, you are buying design and technology developed, tested, and perfected in the crucible of international motorsport. BBS thus stands for the highest possible standards of performance and quality.



In stark contrast, the inferior copy wheels found in the aftermarket and Internet stores not only threaten the reputation of the BBS brand they are also a clear and present danger to road safety. This is why BBS rigorously battles the counterfeiting of its products around the globe. BBS has applied an authenticity hologram to every alloy wheel produced after 4th October 2018. For logistical reasons wheels in stock and already in circulation cannot be retrofitted.