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December 2016

BBS presents its design contest winner


  • Creative students: 27 universities, 103 registrations, 20 design entries 
  • Dario and Davide Dornauer share the 10,000 euro first prize
  • Winning design to be a production reality in 2017


The winners of the BBS wheel design contest are Davide and Dario Dornauer, whose “Spoked wheel of today” was
declared best design by the judges. The brothers will share the 10,000 euro first prize. Davide Dornauer (24) is
studying product design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, while his younger brother Dario (23) is enrolled in the
Automotive Engineering course at the Cologne University of Technology. These two creative minds, currently in their
seventh semesters, presented the most convincing concept for a new one-piece alloy wheel, its crisp and clear structure
characterised by angular spokes exuding dynamism. This winning design, which was kept top secret until the award
ceremony, will now undergo a technical feasibility study to ready it for series production next year.

BBS light-alloy wheels are engineering and design paragons that feature outstanding quality and technical innovation,
pioneering and breath-taking designs. Thus, the premium German alloy wheel manufacturer placed very exacting
demands on the entrants to their “BBS Wheel Design 2017” competition.

A total of 103 applications were received from 27 German universities. Out of the 20 design submissions, and the jury,
which consisted of designers, technicians and sales representatives finally chose the entry from Davide and Dario
Dornauer as the clear winner.

The symbolic cheque was presented to the brothers during the press conference at the Essen Motor Show. Their concept
exuded all the qualities the judges were looking for - Authentic style, visual clarity and dynamism, while retaining the
distinctive house character that makes BBS wheels stand out from the crowd. The second prize, a set of wheels from the
BBS Design Line, went to Andrej Michel from Villingendorf, who was nominated as the wild card in the competition.
Andreas Focht from Bremen, who is studying at Hochschule Hannover, took third place and received a BBS
merchandising set.

“The design project was a journey through the 40-year history of BBS, and a retrospective of the many innovations the
company has introduced to the automotive world.” explained Erwin Eigel, Vice President of Aftermarket at BBS. Over the
years BBS has brought motorsport light alloy wheel technology to road cars in the shape of forged wheels, two and
three-piece wheels, and cast wheels lightened by hollow-spokes and flow form technology. “We wanted to look back
over our evolutionary path together with the best and brightest creative young minds,” said Erwin Eigel.

“Quo Vadis, BBS-Design?” This question can now be answered with conviction as “Full throttle towards the future!" said
Erwin Eigel. “A big thank you goes to all the prize winners who have provided valuable ideas for even more exciting
and trendsetting designs to come.”